Too Late?

11 Dec 2008

Augusta’s finally getting an “official” Apple Store, but is it too late? ifoApple Store reported yesterday: “All of Georgia’s Apple stores are clustered within a 27-mile circle north and east of Atlanta, but not for long. Apple will open a retail store at the Augusta Mall in that city, 125 miles east of Atlanta. The…

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Jaywalk on 15th? That’ll be $140, please.

30 Apr 2008

Rather than working to improve pedestrians’ ability to cross 15th Street, the City of Augusta has decided that it makes more sense to punish those that jaywalk.

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Getting Local with Twitter

14 Apr 2008

Recently I started an experiment on Twitter. I know that I’m not the only web/design geek in the area, so I decided to use Twitter to get to know some folks in the area. Using Twitter’s people search, I looked for people in and around Augusta, GA. The result? I’m not alone, and while Twitter…

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Unveiled: Augusta Gardens

13 Mar 2008

Architectural plans for a new downtown baseball stadium were revealed today. This would be BIG for downtown Augusta. The proposed stadium looks pretty feasible, but parking is definitely going to be an issue.

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An Apple Retail Void

21 Apr 2007

*sigh* So many Apple retail stores, and yet, the nearest stores to the Augusta, Georgia area are at least two hours away. Apple now has over 170 retail locations globally, and a majority of those are in the continental United States. Augusta (specifically Columbia County) or even Columbia, SC would make prime locations for an…

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Masters Week

02 Apr 2007

Traffic was heavier than usual this morning, which can mean only one thing: the Masters is here. I drove by the main entrance to the Augusta National and parking lots along Washington Road were seeing pretty impressive activity. I’m so glad I don’t have to be anywhere near that area this week… it’s going to…

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RIP James Brown

25 Dec 2006

He loved the holidays, and he loved Augusta. James Brown will be missed.

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