WordPress 2.3 Beta1

So, a new developmental version of WordPress was released last night. Being the sucker that I am, I went ahead and upgraded to WordPress 2.3 Beta1, and to my surprise, everything installed without any problems at all. I haven’t seen a full list of all that’s been changed in this version, but based on my… Continue reading WordPress 2.3 Beta1

Separating Trackbacks/Pings from Comments in WordPress

I was trying to figure out the best way to separate trackbacks/pings from the comments here on the site. I’ve seen a number of tutorials out there, but none seemed to do exactly what I wanted. The code is piece-mealed from a couple of places, but this is how I accomplished it here on the… Continue reading Separating Trackbacks/Pings from Comments in WordPress

WordPress Dreamweaver Extension

This post is out-of-date. Since it’s release, a new WordPress Extension for Dreamweaver has come out called ThemeDreamer. It does all the things the Tagstention extension did and a lot more. Definitely check it out. I’ve been comfortable coding HTML, CSS, etc. in Notepad for years, but I’ve grown to love Dreamweaver ever since I… Continue reading WordPress Dreamweaver Extension

What the crap?

If there is one thing I have learned as a WordPress user, it’s that there is certainly a plugin for everyone. Case in point, there’s now a plugin called Ploppy available for fecophiliacs. “[Ploppy is] a WordPress plugin for describing the state of your bowel movements using the Bristol Stool Scale“. Lovely. I’ll pass, but… Continue reading What the crap?

Moving to WordPress

Well, I’m taking the leap, and moving away from Blogger.com. Hallelujah. WordPress is way more flexible. So far, the installation has gone without any major problems – unless you count the Blogger.com import I’ve been unable to do because cURL isn’t enabled on our server. (Not a big deal.) Other than that, things are peachy.… Continue reading Moving to WordPress

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