22 Jun 2011

GitHub for Mac. Probably the best looking and least intimidating Git GUI I’ve ever used.

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CSS Best Practices for Team-Based Development

09 Jun 2010

CSS Best Practices for Team-Based Development. Great post and great advice from my friend Emily Lewis.

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Stormtrooper Effect

08 Jun 2010

The Stormtrooper Effect attempts to explain why Stormtroopers are such lousy shots. tl;dr: They aren’t lousy shots. It’d be stupid to allow a minor character to kill a major character before the story moves along.

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Hunt the iPad

07 Jun 2010

OnWired HQ infiltrated. Enemy agent escaped with iPad. Your objective: locate agent and recover device. First operative to complete mission will receive iPad. Intel on enemy agent’s whereabouts to be distributed via Twitter. Follow @onwired to be kept apprised. The search has begun. If you’ve figured something out, share what you know.

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Camera Raw 6.1 Released

02 Jun 2010

Camera Raw 6.1 released. Adds support for several cameras, including the Canon EOS Digital Rebel T2i.

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Microformats Made Simple

11 Mar 2010

Microformats Made Simple, a book my friend Emily Lewis wrote, now has its own microsite. If you haven’t picked up a copy of it yet, you really ought to.

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18 Dec 2009

Carmen is here, and she’s the best WordPress yet. Grab the latest version from your Dashboard by going to Tools > Upgrade or download from With features like easier video embeds, better image editing, post thumbnails and more, WordPress 2.9 is more powerful and speedier than its predecessors.

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28 Nov 2009 was featured in this post – Weekly Web Design and Development Inspiration – on SpeckyBoy Design Magazine.

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Fixed Elements in Web Design with Examples

28 Nov 2009

Fixed Elements in Web Design with Examples. My site is featured as an example because of how I’ve incorporated Anton‘s awesome illustration of my ugly mug into this site. Lots of eye candy to check out in the examples.

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27 Nov 2009

My new design was recently featured on UnmatchedStyle and Drawar.

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