Newspapers’ Web Revenue is Stalling. That’s because no one likes advertising or how much newspaper (and media sites in general) cram down your throat. When advertising takes up more area on a webpage than content, there is a serious problem.

Putting big trust on someone else, you’re solving three problems: you’re increasing the chance you’ll get your project done, you’re building a strong team, and, oh yeah, you get to sit there and watch and learn as someone deftly works in a place where you’re horrible. Rands in Respose: Horrible

WJS08: Going Social with Chris Perry

I’ll make more sense of these notes later: People are trying to slap social stickers onto everything. We need to blog. We need video. We need social networks. If you’re not thinking about the whole picture, you’re just slapping stickers on your package. Social media:wikipedia Social Media is about people connecting. Social Media represents huge […]