Gedeon’s “100 Reasons Why McCain Won’t Be President of the United States” touches on a lot of the reasons I have a hard time supporting McCain.

For years I greatly admired Senator John McCain. He had a reputation for being a political maverick and seemed to vote with his conscience instead of with his party. When it came down to choosing between what was right and what the GOP wanted, John McCain more-often-than-not chose what was right.

Then he set his sights on the White House.

I voted for McCain when he was running against Bush prior to the 2000 elections. He was a different candidate back then. When he lost to George W. Bush, it was like the GOP beat the heart out of him. Now he just feels like more of the same. I suppose that’s why I’m leaning more towards Obama these days. I’m not entirely sure what we’d be getting in terms of a President, but at least I can expect that it won’t fully be business as usual with Obama at the helm.