The Price of Fuel

phone.jpgI drive a lot. I commute 50+ miles a day, and I fill-up my GMC Sierra 1500 with gas at least once a week.

Ever since Sidebar Creative’s was released, I’ve been using it to keep track of my fuel usage. It is the first solution that I’ve stuck with to keep track of my mileage, fuel costs and average mpg. Prior to using, I used various tracking methods, including spreadsheets, keeping receipts and marking mileage down on them, and keeping a log in my truck. None of these methods were easy to use, and I never kept up with them for more than a month or two.

That’s why I’m loving MyMileMarker. It’s easy to use. I can input entries via my mobile phone or Twitter.

Here’s my current status, with projections for the next year:

Vehicle Miles Projected Miles Projected Costs Average MPG
33087 51939 $3316.13 15.2

What’s interesting to note is that since July 13th, 2007, when I paid $2.879, gas prices have dropped all the way down to $2.199 per gallon here in Augusta. That’s a 68-cent drop in under a month!