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I collected comics significantly before I met my wife. I’d spend anywhere between $100-150 a month (at least) on them… buying everything from issues of Spawn to imported Japanese Manga to a silver Superman ring. I love comics, and I can’t wait until my son gets older and I can share my love of comics with him (and perhaps even give him the books I currently own). But I learned something this morning as I stepped inside a comic book store for the first time in nearly 6 years: I’ve been left behind.

As I stared at the shelves of comics, I felt lost. Even though the staples were there – Batman, Spiderman, Spawn, etc. – they all seemed so foreign to me. I went with the intention of buying at least one book, for old time’s sake, but left empty-handed and depressed. As we get older our priorities change. Things we loved even a decade ago probably seem incredibly foreign to us today. I’m sure I could probably go back and eventually find something I wanted, but the magic just wasn’t there.

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