December Stats


I’ve had a MeasureMap for nearly as long as they’ve been in beta. It’s a great statistical tool that’s not received a lot of attention, short of when it was first launched and when Google subsequently bought them.

My site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but December 2006 was the best month I have ever had on the site. Here’s a breakdown of the stats:

  • 1158 Visitors – That’s 456 more than an average 31 day period. Of those, 22% of visitors had been here before. That’s 252 visitors, 121 more than an average 31 day period.
  • 159 Links – That’s 74 more than an average 31 day period. In all, visitors used 198 links in and 159 links out
    That’s 113 more links in than an average 31 day period and 108 more links out than an average 31 day period.
  • 38 Comments – That’s 24 more than the average 31 day period.
  • 107 of 413 Posts were visited. That’s 76 more than the average 31 day period.
    Visitors Comments Post Title Date Posted
    122 1 Matthew Fox & Tenacious D on SNL 15 Nov 06 5:13 PM
    75 5 Screenshots of NEW Photoshop CS3 Beta 14 Dec 06 10:07 PM
    59 6 WordPress Dreamweaver Extension 20 Dec 06 7:19 PM
    39 4 Five things you (probably) don’t know about me 21 Dec 06 7:56 PM
    32 8 Areas of My Expertise 19 Dec 06 7:33 AM
  • Browser Usage:
    Browser %
    Firefox 47%
    Internet Explorer 35%
    Safari 12%
    Other 6%

Some numbers since I started tracking

  • Your blog has had 9427 visitors who have left 187 comments.
  • Other web sites have made 1145 links in to your blog, and you have created 692 links out from your blog.

I know, these numbers aren’t breath-taking, or earth-shattering, but to me, it’s a sign of progress… December was a great month, and hopefully a sign of continued growth here on the site. I appreciate all of the visits an all of the comments and I look forward greater things in 2007.