One Month Down

Saturday marked the end of our first month in our new home. We’re not completely settled in yet, but we’re getting there. I wish I could say it’s been completely stress-free, but it hasn’t been. Our house turned out great, but I’ve struggled with dealing with the contractors working on our street. We’ve had several contractors use our backyard as a cut-through. Some even ran over our sprinkler heads (which prompted me to put string up around my yard to keep them out).
Over the past few weeks, we’ve had several neighbors move in on the street. We haven’t met them all, but we’re glad to see traffic on the street other than contractors. So far, it’s a pretty good mix of people. uite a few couples are around Kim and my age. A number of them have children.

The thing I’m most excited about though, is being closer to friends and family. Scott and I have already started talking about “Lost” parties in the fall when Season 3 of Lost starts up. I can’t wait.