We Have Liftoff: MAU.com

MAU Screenshot

Months of hard work have finally paid off – we launched the new MAU.com, just moments ago.

The site was an awesome undertaking. We had to convert several years worth of static content, and reorganize it in a logical way. We worked closely with MAU staff to ensure everything worked the way the organization needed for it to work. All of us at PowerServe really appreciate having the opportunity to work with MAU on this project. We hope you’ll check it out.

MAU, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest workforce solution providers. Based in Augusta with offices in Georgia, South Carolina and Illinois, MAU provides provides comprehensive and integrated workforce solutions for corporations and businesses.

PowerServe worked with MAU, Inc.’s marketing team to redesign MAU’s site to showcase what sets MAU apart from their competition. The new design is clean, simple and flexible. It was designed to compliment existing marketing materials, as well as to give MAU a more refined look on the web.

Our goals for this site were simple: make it easy to use; make it look more professional; make it more search engine friendly; make it more extensible.

To make it easier to use, we conducted a site audit of the pre-existing website, and organized content into a more logical structure. This helped us to “trim the fat” and remove a lot of older content no longer being utilized or that was no longer relevant.

To make it more professional, we developed a design that would compliment some of the print materials MAU had already been producing. We also wanted to design something that would compliment the MAU logo colors: blue and orange. We utilized SlideShowPro on a number of pages to give the site a more polished, dynamic feel.

To make the site more search-engine friendly, we recoded the entire site from scratch, utilizing web standards, and semantically sound markup. The reduction in code also helped the site to load faster. It is now more compatible with all mainstream web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (Mac/PC) and Apple Safari 2.0.

To make the site more extensible, we utilized a new template structure to make it 1) easier to add new pages; 2) easier to manipulate the look and feel of all pages; and 3) easier to manage existing pages. Design changes take seconds versus the minutes and hours they once took.

This redesign project was a huge undertaking, but the final product was more than worth it.