Lost (and Found)

Since yesterday afternoon, I’ve been freaking out because the office digital camera came up missing. I thought, perhaps, that I had simply misplaced it somewhere. I thoroughly checked my desk and my laptop bag – no dice. I went home, checked all of the usual locations that I tend to place items – no dice.

Fast forward to this morning… I’m looking everywhere in the office for the camera. I’m looking under my desk, under papers, in drawers, on shelves. It’s nowhere to be found. Then, the unthinkable happens… my personal camera is missing as well.

Coincidence? I dunno. Immediately, thoughts start racing through my head… ‘Am I this absent-minded that I have misplaced two cameras in such a short period of time?’, ‘Did someone steal them?’, ‘Did someone simply take them without asking?’ I start asking coworkers if they had seen either camera – no dice. They’re as astounded as I am. After a little bit of detective work, we determined that it’s highly likely that someone our office had been trying to help came into our office and took them.

Am I mad? Not any more. Am I disappointed? Yeah. It’s only ‘stuff’, and it can (and was) replaced.

After praying about it, I’ve discovered in myself, that I take for granted all that I have, and I leave it out in the open for all to see… That’s pretty much like inviting someone to permanently borrowsteal from you.