Google: Ten Golden Rules

It’s the 21st century, and with it has come some new ways of doing business. Google is showing that big billion-dollar businesses do not have to be bureaucratic. Google’s setup a sort of mini-democracy, where every employee has a say in how things are done. They are more concerned about the well-being of their engineers, than they are about their bankers or money managers. The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, has put together a summary of the way things at Google are done.

  1. Hire by Committee
  2. Cater to their every need.
  3. Pack them in.
  4. Make coordination easy.
  5. Eat your own dog food.
  6. Encourage creativity.
  7. Strive to reach consensus.
  8. Don’t be evil.
  9. Data drive decisions.
  10. Communicate effectively.

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