Longhorn Development: Name Announcement Imminent?

Microsoft Windows VistaAccording to ActiveWin.com, Longhorn’s official name will be announced this morning at a press conference at 6am PST. According to their sources, Longhorn will be called “Microsoft Windows Vista”. Click here for more details on the name change.

Why Vista? Let’s look at how Microsoft’s Encarta defines the word:

vis·ta (plural vis·tas) – noun

  1. scenic view: a scenic or panoramic view
  2. view seen through narrow opening: a view seen through a long narrow opening, e.g. between rows of trees or buildings
  3. mental picture: a mental picture covering a wide range of objects or a long succession of events in the past or future … open up vistas of expansion into hitherto untapped markets

Maybe I’m retarded, but I just don’t get it. I can understand the switch from a date-based naming system for the OS, but to change it to Vista? Bah… sounds like the Marketing folks liked that one a bit too much. I think they ought to just name it “Windows AintGonnaHappenRealSoon” and be done with it.