anthrax… bah…

a lot can happen in two months. our whole world has changed. i’ve changed. we’re a little more cautious then we were before. we’re a little more weary of the world around us. we’re never going to be the same again.

as our soldiers pound afghanistan with missiles and bombs, and descimate any kind of infrastructure they could of had, we’re facing the possibility here stateside that any piece of mail we might receive could contain anthrax in it. so far, a few dozen people have been found positive with anthrax, including a seven month old baby.

what kind of sick animal would do this to innocent people?

just thinking about the idea of someone, somewhere sending out letters of death to random people pisses me off. it’s just something you don’t do. what bothers me even more about it is that on one of the letters, it was addressed to make it look like the letter came from a 4th grade classroom. what in the hell?

i wouldn’t doubt that someone like bin Laden is connected with these cowardly attacks.

when we find this bastard, we need to make him hurt for a very long time. screw killing him. he wants to die. it’ll further his cause. we need to lock him away in a prison, where pain is inflicted upon him 24/7. maybe then he’ll learn. and if that doesn’t work? we start removing body parts. start with his toenails and fingernails. then work inwards.

he hates us and he hates the western world. wait til he feels first hand our hatred towards him.