luck. pure luck.

i don’t think my brother realizes just how lucky he is sometimes. being the immature dumbass that he can tend to be, he doesn’t think with his head a lot. i’m not going to pretend like i’m perfect by any means. i’ve got my faults. hell, i just bought alcohol tonight that i’m sure him and his friends will probably help themselves to. anyways, his friends were being loud. and i don’t mean a loud “loud”, i mean a LOUD loud. they were coming in and out of the house, and lo and behold … someone called the cops. now, before you freak out, it was an off-duty richmond county officer. but still. my brother is nineteen. a dumbass to boot. and the cops were knocking at the door because of complaints from neighbors. lucky for my brother, the guys was off-duty. otherwise, i’d be escorting him to to the police station. now, my brother didn’t learn from this. after he managed to get the cop to go away, he ended up on the phone with some friends and asked them to come over. not only were my brother and his friends being too loud… he wanted more to join the fray. god, i swear my brother needs some common sense sometimes. anyway, i got pissed at my brother after he “warned” me that others were coming over. i told him: “haven’t you learned anything from this you dumb punk? a cop came to our door because you were being too loud. you’re lucky he was off-duty, otherwise you’d be locked up right now for being drunk underage.” he shrugged at me. i told him that he wouldn’t be so lucky the next time. he won’t be.