WallaBee Item Browser

WallaB.ee is a new location-based item game that I’ve become quite enamored with. Over the past couple of weeks, my friend Will McCain and a few others have been working on a Google Doc that documented all of the available items and mixes/recipes that are available in the game. This weekend I took the idea a step further and created a visual guide: ItemBrowser.com. (It started in a subdirectory on this site and then I decided to move it to its own domain.)

Right now it’s all updated manually. WallaBee has an API that I hope to leverage to automate the site in the near future.

Since it’s an iPhone game, the site is geared towards that device. Got any feedback or want to see something done differently with it? Let me know in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter: @itembrowser

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    1. Thanks Ben, that means quite a bit to me. This is my first foray in trying to work with an API. Used your wrapper to pull in Set Info on each page. Now I need to figure out how to loop through Items associated with that set. My PHP skills aren’t what they should be, sadly. (Most of my PHP work is WordPress-specific.) So I’m using this as an exercise to help grow those skills.

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