Dreamweaver, Fireworks CS4 Betas Released

Fresh from the Adobe Labs comes betas for Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and Adobe Fireworks CS4. It should be noted that if you’ve been using CS3, there is a new unified interface that’ll be appearing in CS4 that may take some getting used to.

Also, if you tested the Photoshop CS3 beta when it was released, I can’t stress enough that you should not install this software on a machine that is mission critical for your business. This is beta software. It may have problems. It may cause difficulties if you decide to upgrade to CS4 when it’s released.

Caveat emptor.

2 replies on “Dreamweaver, Fireworks CS4 Betas Released”

  1. I’ve designed an extension for Dreamweaver CS3 that works with Adobe’s CS4 beta (screen shot to follow). Its a beta itself. Although very unlikely to harm Dw installation (Dw extension are for the most part straight forward in removal/install thanks to extension manager). I would suggest backing up your theme files before editing themes with this.

    Its aimed at bridging the gap between WordPress and Dreamweaver. It offers a very different and curious approach then the tag extension toolbars we’ve seen for Dw in the past. There has been a real gap when it comes to custom themes with WP+Dw, so I’ve developed this extension to give you a ‘draft/simulated’ view of a theme file in Dw’s Design View.

    It’ll help you navigate Code View and to see how a WordPress’s Template Tag and CSS attribute can effect your pages and posts. It does this without a server by emulating a psuedo post in Dw’s design view. Its a beta (be kind!), but I it proves to be promising…. (released in the wild today!)


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