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  • Dreamweaver, Fireworks CS4 Betas Released

    Fresh from the Adobe Labs comes betas for Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and Adobe Fireworks CS4. It should be noted that if you’ve been using CS3, there is a new unified interface that’ll be appearing in CS4 that may take some getting used to. Also, if you tested the Photoshop CS3 beta when it was released,…

  • Firefox 3 Beta 4 Released.

    Firefox 3 Beta 4 Released. Still not fit for general public consumption. Probably worth downloading just to make sure things you’ve built and/or building don’t break in the latest version, though.

  • WordPress 2.3 Beta3 Available

    WordPress 2.3 Beta3 Available.

  • Tags in WordPress 2.3

    WordPress 2.3 introduces a new feature to the popular blog platform: tagging. Sure, you’ve been able to do it with plugins like Ultimate Tag Warrior in the past, but WordPress’ built-in tag system is simple, unobtrusive, and easy to use. In order to get tags to display on individual posts, we’ll use the_tags. <?php the_tags(‘before’,…

  • WordPress 2.3 Beta1

    So, a new developmental version of WordPress was released last night. Being the sucker that I am, I went ahead and upgraded to WordPress 2.3 Beta1, and to my surprise, everything installed without any problems at all. I haven’t seen a full list of all that’s been changed in this version, but based on my…