Halo 3: Spartans Deployed Figures Announced

‘HALO 3,’ SERIES 1: SPARTANS DEPLOYED – New Spartan Figures with Armor Variations Added. Included in this series is: Spartan with MJOLNIR Mark VI Armor in red and a limited edition in white; Spartan with CQB Armor, in blue (a Wal-Mart exclusive) and Spartan with EVA Armor These new toys are in addition to a […]

iWPhone WordPress Plugin

Now that I’ve installed the iWPhone WordPress Plugin, people using an iPhone or iPod touch will be able to check out my site. By people, I mean me… My wife got me an iPod touch yesterday for our anniversary. Of course, if you have one of them as well, you can now easily browse my […]


For the past week I’ve been testing out several Beta applications associated with Windows Live. I initially learned about them while upgrading to the latest Windows Live Writer Beta. What I’ve seen so far has been exceptional. The unified interfaces, ease of use, and quick responsiveness have earned these apps a place in my daily […]