Yahoo Releases ASTRA Flash Components Library

Yahoo Releases ASTRA (ActionScript Toolkit for Rich Applications) Flash Components. (I am continually impressed by all that Yahoo is releasing open-source as of late. The Yahoo Developer Network has some amazing stuff available for web developers. If you haven’t checked any of it out yet, I highly encourage you to do so.)

Nike+ – Getting Started

This morning marked my first official walk with Nike+. I have added a new page to the site utilizing widgets from showing my goals and last 5 runs/walks. Initially, I’ve set the following goals for myself: Walk 100 miles in 16 weeks. Walk at least 50 times in the next 16 weeks. Burn at […]

Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Mountain Dew has had more spinoffs than the Power Rangers. Seriously, you’ve got Code Red, Baja Blast, LiveWire, and several limited edition flavors. (Not to mention all sorts of Mountain Dew Slurpee flavors…) The latest of these odd concoctions is Mountain Dew Game Fuel. Colored a bright orange, this citrus/cherry-flavored beverage is promoting the upcoming […]

Full Throttle Mother

“Full Throttle: Nature is one BAD Mother” Full Throttle, Full Throttle Fury and Full Throttle Blue Demon are amongst my favorite energy drinks. Seeing another Full Throttle flavor crop up seemed like a no brainer and so I decided to pick one up yesterday. Full Throttle Mother is quite possibly one of the worst beverages […]