On Monday, Kim and I found out that we’re being forced to move. Fortunately, it’s only a minor move that only entails us changing our physical address. Since we moved into our new home in June, we’ve lived under the assumption that we lived on Niagra Falls – the street the front of our house faces. Unfortunately, Columbia Count had other things in mind. Evidently, because our driveway faces Rainbow Falls our address actually belongs on that street. The reason – we were told – for this decision, had to do with emergency services. All homes are to have addresses on the road their driveway faces… This makes it easier for the Fire Department, Police, etc. to find your home. I guess there’s no arguing with that logic.

So, we now get to deal with changing our address on everything

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  1. Can you just have the Post Office forward your mail? Would that still work in this instance?

    Just a thought.

  2. We can… but in some cases, some mail might not get forwarded (i.e. tax documents and whatnot). Plus, we’re still having mail from our old address forwarded to our new/old address. I don’t think the post office would forward to Evergreen Dr > Niagra Falls > Rainbow Falls…

  3. That is true. Best of luck with all of that. Hopefully it is something can be done in one sitting.

  4. We were able to get most of our stuff switched over last night, either by making calls or filling out change of address forms online. I’ve got to make some more calls this morning to get things straightened out. The thing that sucks most about it, is that we’re going to continue having address-related issues from now on.

    All of my utility companies are keeping my current/old address as the service address and simply updating my billing address to send statements to… Bah…

    I really wish we didn’t have to deal with this crap.

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