Goodbye, 2006.

Where have you gone? It seems like only yesterday I was making resolutions. Now, you’re drawing to a close, and I can’t imagine what happened to the time…Happy New Year, everyone. Well, Happy New Year’s Eve anyway. Before I start the obligatory list o’ resolutions for 2007, it would probably be a good idea to […]


Death comes in threes. First James Brown. Then Gerald Ford. Now, Saddam Hussein. That’s one hell of a group there. An entertainer, a President, and a ruthless dictator. It’s been one heck of a Christmas, hasn’t it?

WordPress Dreamweaver Extension

This post is out-of-date. Since it’s release, a new WordPress Extension for Dreamweaver has come out called ThemeDreamer. It does all the things the Tagstention extension did and a lot more. Definitely check it out. I’ve been comfortable coding HTML, CSS, etc. in Notepad for years, but I’ve grown to love Dreamweaver ever since I […]

I love Apple

Is it any wonder people have such a deep sense of loyalty to this brand? They just gave me the second half of Season 10 of South Park, because I had bought the first half. I know a lot of people were originally ticked at the decision to split the 10th Season… but Apple made […]

Pick Any Two

We used to have a sign up in our offices at PowerServe that read: For service that meets your needs, choose two of the following: Quality Speed Price Let’s face it, we’re a culture that expects all three. We want convenience, high quality, and extra low prices. That’s why Wal-Mart is so popular – because for most people Wal-Mart […]