Macromedia Releases Contribute 3.1

Box shot of Macromedia Contribute 3.1

Over 200 significant updates and enhancements, including:Better control. Safely delegate updates with a new review and approval system; repossess checked-out documents with the lock-breaking UI; and designate who can edit, approve, or publish with subsite support.Empowered users. Subsite support, file deployment management, RSS activity feeds, and a lock-breaking UI to repossess checked-out documents.Learn more…

Certified HTML Developer

Woohoo… I’m a Certified HTML Developer according to now… took an “exam” that covered three topics: CSS, HTML and XHTML – and passed! (Got 66 of 70 questions right.) I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t do better, but I don’t think my results were that bad, especially considering I did absolutely no studying whatsoever before I took the test.

Google, Comcast looking to invest in AOL?

Oct 12, 2005 – By Kenneth Li

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Google Inc and Comcast Corp. are in discussions to buy a minority stake in Time Warner’s America Online, two sources close to the deal said on Wednesday.

A deal would create a formidable challenge to Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. , with whom AOL is also having separate discussions over a joint venture.

The combination would marry Time Warner’s trove of programming and Google’s popular search and e-mail services with Comcast’s high speed Internet portal and experience in cable video distribution and telecommunications.

Time Warner and Comcast declined comment. A Google spokesman declined comment on the talks, adding, “Google and AOL have a healthy global partnership and AOL remains a valued partner.”

One source warned that the discussions over a joint investment were still in its early stages and could fall apart.

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Brief Observations on the Oct. 12 Apple Event

the new iMac G5John Gruber had a lot of interesting stuff to note aboot yesterday’s Apple Special Event:

  • The new iPods do not support FireWire. Not just no FireWire cables in the box; no FireWire, period. Such is the price of smaller and thinner, I suppose.
  • Highest capacity iPod is still 60 GB. There certainly exists a market of people who want larger capacity iPods (I know at least four people personally who can’t fit their entire libraries on a 60 GB drive … and I don’t have many friends), but I don’t think Apple sees this as a significant selling point. Thinner and lighter seems to be what Apple thinks will sell … and judging by the Nano’s popularity, they’re almost certainly right.

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Meet Tyler Douglas Harrison

A snapshot taken of Tyler inside Kim's tummy.Last week, Kim and I went to Prenatal Imaging in Martinez, GA to get a 4-D Sonogram done.We took this step for two reasons. First, there was a degree of uncertainty starting to surround the Baby Gender Mentor test we had done in July. (The test reported we had a boy, but there’s some concern about the validity of the Baby Gender Mentor test.) Secondly, there was a degree of curiosity as to what the baby might look like inside of Kim’s body.The 4-D Sonogram was awesome.I met Kim at the Prenatal Imaging offices at 4pm on Thursday afternoon. They had Kim fill out some paperwork and select a plan. They then escorted us to the songram room where Kim’s parents, sister and brother-in-law, my mom, and our niece Meaghan joined us. They helped Kim up onto the examination table and laid her down. For 35 minutes we were able to sit and watch as they “peered” into Kim’s tummy. It was awesome, awe-inspiring thing to watch. Little Tyler’s already very active. He moved a lot inside of Kim. We got to watch him suck his thumb… and yawn… and stick out his tongue… It was amazing at how much detail the 4-D Sonogram picked up.We’re anxiously awaiting his arrival now. Kim is 29 weeks along, and we’re expecting to have Tyler delivered by C-Section sometime on or around 12/20-21.Our next session is scheduled for November 12th. I’ll post pics and video from that session as soon as I have it available to me :)