Google, Comcast looking to invest in AOL?

Oct 12, 2005 – By Kenneth Li

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Google Inc and Comcast Corp. are in discussions to buy a minority stake in Time Warner’s America Online, two sources close to the deal said on Wednesday.

A deal would create a formidable challenge to Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. , with whom AOL is also having separate discussions over a joint venture.

The combination would marry Time Warner’s trove of programming and Google’s popular search and e-mail services with Comcast’s high speed Internet portal and experience in cable video distribution and telecommunications.

Time Warner and Comcast declined comment. A Google spokesman declined comment on the talks, adding, “Google and AOL have a healthy global partnership and AOL remains a valued partner.”

One source warned that the discussions over a joint investment were still in its early stages and could fall apart.

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(Hat tip: GoogleRumors)