A Spooky Basecamp Theme…

Here’s a “trick” from Rbird.com’s About Design blog on how you can update the appearance of Basecamp with these treats. (Kill me for my puns, I beg you.) I wonder if it would freak our clients out if we changed how Basecamp looked all of a sudden? Hmm…. This gives me an idea… it would […]

Quicktime 7 Standalone Player

While checking out some of the new Movie Trailers over at Quicktime.com, I noticed Apple is now posting a link to a Quicktime 7 Standalone Player… Several of my friends have not upgraded to QT7 because Apple has bundled it with iTunes by default now. They’ll be happy to know, this is no longer the […]

I’m not dead yet.

Happy to report that I am not dead yet! ;) Just been busy with work, life, and in general… I tweaked the design somewhat this morning. I eliminated the Google Search and Google Adwords elements from my site. I also removed the center column, which listed out the latest entries, and links to archives… (Both […]

Macromedia Releases Contribute 3.1

Over 200 significant updates and enhancements, including:Better control. Safely delegate updates with a new review and approval system; repossess checked-out documents with the lock-breaking UI; and designate who can edit, approve, or publish with subsite support.Empowered users. Subsite support, file deployment management, RSS activity feeds, and a lock-breaking UI to repossess checked-out documents.Learn more…

Certified HTML Developer

Woohoo… I’m a Certified HTML Developer according to W3Schools.com now… took an “exam” that covered three topics: CSS, HTML and XHTML – and passed! (Got 66 of 70 questions right.) I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t do better, but I don’t think my results were that bad, especially considering I did absolutely no studying […]