A Spooky Basecamp Theme…

Here’s a “trick” from Rbird.com’s About Design blog on how you can update the appearance of Basecamp with these treats. (Kill me for my puns, I beg you.) I wonder if it would freak our clients out if we changed how Basecamp looked all of a sudden? Hmm…. This gives me an idea… it would… Continue reading A Spooky Basecamp Theme…

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Flock has landed

Just got my grubby little hands on the Flock Developer Preview (0.4.8) and I gotta say… wow. If I have time tomorrow, I will post screenshots. I like what I’m seeing so far. I’m not going to go so far as to say it’s a Firefox-killer or anything, but it’s definitely a great little browser.… Continue reading Flock has landed

I’m not dead yet.

Happy to report that I am not dead yet! ;) Just been busy with work, life, and in general… I tweaked the design somewhat this morning. I eliminated the Google Search and Google Adwords elements from my site. I also removed the center column, which listed out the latest entries, and links to archives… (Both… Continue reading I’m not dead yet.

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Macromedia Releases Contribute 3.1

Over 200 significant updates and enhancements, including:Better control. Safely delegate updates with a new review and approval system; repossess checked-out documents with the lock-breaking UI; and designate who can edit, approve, or publish with subsite support.Empowered users. Subsite support, file deployment management, RSS activity feeds, and a lock-breaking UI to repossess checked-out documents.Learn more…

New Look Coming Next Week for Basecamp

Jason Fried posted a teaser screenshot of a new layout they’ll be rolling out for Basecamp in the Basecamp Forums. I’m liking it so far… This is also cool, because this marks the first time (that I can recall) where 37Signals made users aware of a change before they made it… Nice work guys!

Certified HTML Developer

Woohoo… I’m a Certified HTML Developer according to W3Schools.com now… took an “exam” that covered three topics: CSS, HTML and XHTML – and passed! (Got 66 of 70 questions right.) I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t do better, but I don’t think my results were that bad, especially considering I did absolutely no studying… Continue reading Certified HTML Developer

Brief Observations on the Oct. 12 Apple Event

John Gruber had a lot of interesting stuff to note aboot yesterday’s Apple Special Event: The new iPods do not support FireWire. Not just no FireWire cables in the box; no FireWire, period. Such is the price of smaller and thinner, I suppose. Highest capacity iPod is still 60 GB. There certainly exists a market… Continue reading Brief Observations on the Oct. 12 Apple Event