this morning

went to the nutritionist this morning. it went well. my weight has stayed the same. hopefully i can start shedding some weight soon. i got my test results back from a couple of weeks ago, and they came out pretty well. my cholesterol level was only at 163 (normal) and my tests for diabetes and the tests on my liver and thyroid came back okay. which is focking great news! ) i’m stoked about it. now i just need to drop some pounds and i’ll be in a lot better shape. wish me luck.


yesterday was nice. my aunt carole and her friend juanita were both in town for the day, and we all went and played putt putt last night. It was me, kim, aunt carole, juanita, my mom and my brother matt that played. yours truly scored a 42. not my best score, but good nonetheless. (especially when you consider how sucky i played.) my aunt got a 41. but she was the one keeping score, so her actual score comes into doubt. we had fun though. i had a good time.