14 Feb 2022

Inspired by Wordle, the game Worldle gives you a map of a country/territory and six chances to guess what it is. If you get it wrong, it will tell you how close you are and give you the direction and distance from the right answer.

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CSS3 Patterns Gallery

15 Mar 2018

CSS3 Patterns Gallery — This small collection of CSS3 patterns is pretty neat. The code is simple enough to grok!

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The Code of Conduct Conundrum

03 Sep 2015

“When we see a Code of Conduct the understanding is that those rules will be enforced. In our minds, saying “Code of Conduct” is the same as saying “Enforced Code of Conduct.” If you have that policy in place, and you do not enforce it, then you put your entire organization at risk.“ The Code…

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Updated CSS Preprocessing Resources

16 Aug 2013

I updated my list of CSS Preprocessing Resources to include several new compilers, frameworks and mixing libraries.

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CodeKit – The Kit Language

31 Jul 2013

CodeKit – The Kit Language — I’ve been using CodeKit to compile Sass/LESS and optimize various assets for a while… but I had no idea CodeKit had it’s own language for handling imports and variables with basic HTML files… TIL.

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26 May 2013

When you push changes to GitHub or Bitbucket, FTPloy will deploy changes automatically to your server via FTP (or SSH, soon).

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Dream Big, Start Small, Get Moving

25 May 2013

Great thoughts on pursuing your passion by my friend Jenn Downs.

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Want to Quit GoDaddy? Start Here.

11 Sep 2012

Want to Quit GoDaddy? Start Here.

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Approved: Pens

10 Sep 2012

Approved Pens I’m eyeing #2 pretty hard.

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Get yourself preprocessing in just a few minutes.

13 Jun 2012

Get yourself preprocessing in just a few minutes. I was hesitant to use Sass until I saw this. (Oh, you’re going to want to grab CodeKit, too.) Seriously. This type of workflow will change your life.

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