Tag: web 2.0

  • Adobe AIR and HTML

    Adobe AIR and HTML. Snook shares some of his experiences working with Adobe AIR in building his Twitter client, Snitter.

  • Open Social Web

    Open Social Web: A Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web. (ht: StevenRay) Seems like common sense to me, but many of the social networks succeed because they are closed systems. I agree with data portability, but doubt many – if any – of the social networks would acquiesce with any of these…

  • IconBuffet Revamp Launched

    The folks over at Firewheel Design just unveiled the new IconBuffet website. You can read more about it over on their blog, Sparkplug. One of the cool new features of IconBuffet is the Free Delivery featureā€¦ where you can get free icons every month. The catch is, you might get Download A, and I get…