Microsoft Asking for IE8 Suggestions

29 Jan 2007

Microsoft starts gathering IE 8 input – Microsoft has contacted a number of beta testers to seek input it will use to customize Internet Explorer (IE) 8, the next version of its Web browser. IE 8 is expected to ship 18 to 24 months after IE 7, which Microsoft released last fall, making Version 8.0…

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Pandora’s Box

15 Jan 2007

In the beginning there was Text, and it was good. I’m still in awe about how much residual traffic I’ve gotten as a result of the conversation going on about how Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007. The story, in various forms, has appeared on a number of sites. If you were to…

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MSN Virtual Earth

25 Jul 2005

In an effort to compete with Google’s efforts, Microsoft has released the new MSN VirtualEarth website. Very cool in my opinion.

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