Veer’s Top 10 Type Stories of 2007

12 Dec 2007

Veer’s Top 10 Type Stories of 2007. Surprisingly, I haven’t picked any of these up … and I’ve gotten quite a few fonts via Veer. Hmm… I wonder if these are the top ten best sellers, or just ten of the most interesting fonts they’ve added to their catalog this year?

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Using Extensis Suitcase for Windows

26 Apr 2007

I’ve been pretty busy as of late, so I didn’t get around to writing this review because I didn’t fully make the switch from Extensis Suitcase 9.2 to Extensis Suitcase for Windows 11 until this morning. I’ve been delaying the switch for a couple of reasons: Upgrading to the new version didn’t replace Extensis Suitcase…

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Suitcase for Windows Released

22 Feb 2007

Well, it finally happened: Extensis released a new version of Suitcase for Windows today. I’ve been hoping for an update for quite some time, and the day I complained about it – a new version was announced.From the Manage This blog, here are some of the new features: Updated Suitcase Server client – When serialized…

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