22 Apr 2008

Tour de Georgia Live Tracker, Powered by Adobe.

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Macromedia Rocks

23 Sep 2005

Macromedia Customer Service is awesome. Not only did they take care of my problem, they took care of it quickly. It was unfortunate that I received a broken CD in the first place, but Macromedia sent a replacement via FedEx right away.Macromedia – you definitely kept a customer happy. Thank you.

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Special Delivery …. Oops!

21 Sep 2005

Are you sure this will work in my CDROM drive? So, umm, my Flash 8 Professional disk arrived via UPS today, and it look like somebody a) sat on my package; b) kicked my package; c) dropped something heavy on my package; d) … Fortunately, a quick call to Macromedia Customer Service resolved my issue.…

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