Email Standards Project

27 Nov 2007

What the Web Standards Project did for the web, the Email Standards Project hopes to do for email. This new initiative, which launched today (11.28.07 @ 10am, Sydney Australia time) is one I fully support. HTML Email can serve a legitimate purpose, and it’s about time this sort of advocacy took place. I hope you’ll…

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Why we need standards support in HTML email

04 Sep 2007

Why we need standards support in HTML email. Well said. Count me in.

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A Second Look at Outlook 2007

20 Feb 2007

I wrote an “Open Letter to Microsoft” over a month ago. It was a short diatribe on Microsoft’s decision to use Word’s rendering engine for Outlook 2007 instead of Internet Explorer. Well, I had assumed that it would be quite some time before I had to worry about testing designs in Outlook 2007, but that…

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