One month post-op

16 Apr 2011

Hello again. It’s been a while since I posted anything of consequence. If you’re subscribed to my RSS feed, you may have noticed a few new short posts were added. In my absence here, I published a few entries on a wordpress.com site. From now on, I plan to keep everything in one central location.…

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A firm date for surgery.

22 Mar 2011

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/21027992 w=430&h=323] I recorded this video on March 9th, but neglected to post it here until now. I kind of wish I had taken the time to document more of what I was going through at the time, but hopefully the video’s enough for now.

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I got a date.

22 Oct 2010

Well, a tentative surgery date, anyhow. I met with Lisa, my patient advocate, on Tuesday and assuming I can complete my doctor supervised diet on March 1st – and there are no hangups with insurance – I’ll have WLS on March 23. I’m excited and nervous. Now I just need to make up my mind…

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Video Diary 10/11/2010

11 Oct 2010

[vimeo=http://vimeo.com/15802526] A few thoughts while I was on my way to meet with a dietician for the first time. Pardon my rambling.

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