SiteSprint – A launch in progress.

Well, I didn’t get everything implemented yet, but I at least wanted to get the homepage live by today. I had hoped to have more done by now but with everything I’ve got going on it just wasn’t going to happen. There is still a lot of cleanup work that still needs to be done. It probably won’t be completed until the weekend, but I’ve at least made most areas of the site somewhat usable. I’ll have a more thorough post detailing my approach available in the next few days.

Right now, the most pressing issue is getting comments cleaned up. After that, it’ll just be a matter of going in and adding details, simplifying where it makes sense, etc.

Me and my site have needed a kick in the ass for some time. The Site Sprint was just the excuse I needed to work on it. I can’t thank my friends Bryan Veloso and Greg Newman for encouraging this idea. I’ve also got to thank Anton Peck, Kyle Fox and so many others for being so inspirational with their own sprint attempts. Being able to chat with and collaborate with such amazing talent made this whole experience epic. We’ll definitely do this again, though the idea of trying to reboot a personal project within a month again seems a bit insane at this point.