Basecamp + Quickbooks Integration

We’ve been using Quickbooks Timer to keep track of time spent on projects for ages. It’s not bad, but it’s pretty unstable at times. We use Basecamp for project management. We’ve been using it for nearly two years now… The Time Tracking functionality is one aspect of Basecamp we haven’t ever taken advantage of… But that may change with the release of Chronopipe.

Here are some of the features it promises:

  • Import Time from any Basecamp Project to any Customer and Job in QuickBooks
  • Match Users in Basecamp to Employees and Contractors in QuickBooks
  • Match To Do Item names in Basecamp to Service Items in QuickBooks
  • Specify a “catch all” Item for Time that doesn’t have a match.
  • Import with the same set of parameters more than once, without duplicating entries.

I am definitely going to need to try it out. It could be a great addition to our team…