It started with a simple post on Digg – “New Design Coming”. (It has 1253 diggs as of right now.) A user reportedly found a design on someone’s site and posted it to saying: “I found this image from ‘It’s design test for Fantasy Interactive for the next generation of site’ says the caption. It looks quite great to me.”

I caught it early, under Upcoming Stories,  before it even made it to the homepage. I posted the first comment:

Looks nice, but I’m going to have to call BS. A “design test” doesn’t mean, “this is the new design for”. They probably asked the guy to submit a concept for a site he’d love to redesign.
Sorry, no digg.

All’s well and fine, right?

Enter Kyle Neal of I subscribe to his feed (mainly because I’m interested in his work on Hemingway), and noticed a post from him within an hour: Spotting a fake: “New apple design”. Evidently, someone else noticed it too, because the story got Dugg. (Since yesterday, his post has received 1100 diggs.) Some of that traffic ended up bleeding over to my site because I had posted in the comments.

I mention all of this, because yesterday I had double the amount of traffic (102 unique visitors) to my site than my previous high (56 visitors). (Yeah, I realize those aren’t real impressive numbers.) When you consider that my site doesn’t get a lot of traffic at all (maybe 30-35 unique visitors a day), this spike is pretty significant. People are always looking for ways to drive more traffic to their site, but sometimes all it takes is to get involved in a discussion. I’m sure Kyle’s site experienced a lot more traffic than that… but it’s interesting that the Digg effect rippled over to my own site to some extent.

I use this site mainly for testing. I blog from time to time (fairly irregularly, I might add). But I’ve been able to boost my Google PageRank to a PR4 by continually gettting in on the discussion, whether it’s on Digg, Warpspire or any other number of sites. So if you’re looking for a good, legitimate way to drive traffic to your site, get involved, say something worthwhile, and people will take note.