Blinksale Screenshot

Blinksale 2.0 just launched (unofficially). I’ve been using it for since June 05, and I love it. It’s easy to use. Easy to maintain. I forget what I’ve got out there without it. It’s well worth the monthly investment.

Blinksale is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t do enough work to justify the expense of something like QuickBooks to manage invoices, payments, etc. I’d definitely check them out if you’re in the market for an easier way to send out invoices online. Click here for more info on Blinksale.

Who should use Blinksale?

Blinksale is perfect for anyone who needs to invoice clients for services or products sold. Blinksale is an excellent choice for attorneys, accountants, designers, IT professionals, software developers, journalists, contractors, engineers, architects, videographers, and more. Basically, if you need to send invoices, Blinksale can work for you.