Mobile Post

I figured I’d give mobile posting a try while I mess with WordPress. I’ve already noticed a few issues I’ll need to address, but they’re relatively minor.

  • The frontend needs a handheld styleshhet. It didn’t render quite the way I would have hoped in PIE.
  • The admin login doesn’t bring you into the Admin section after logging in. This hould be relatively easy to fix.
  • I also need to tweak the design further. I love the Hemingway theme, but I need to make it more my own…

I am still on track to launch this site on 5/1, along with the Spring 2006 CSS Reboot. But I am looking to push it live a little earlier without the final look in place, just so I can reestablish a presence, albeit a very small one, online. Make sure you sign up to receive updates via the signup form at