Go Scott Go!

Scott V. reminded me that one of our programmers, Scott Parel, qualified for the BellSouth Classic. Kick some butt, Scott! We’re praying for ya.

Scott ParelScott is a professional golfer on the Nationwide Tour, basically one step down from the PGA Tour. Well on Monday he played for one open spot in the BellSouth Classic and won it, by shooting a 67 and then winning a 3 man playoff; that is big stuff. Scott works with me at PowerServe when he is not on tour, so all of us guys in the office live out a professional sports fantasies through him. He has done this twice before, and each time it was the US Open, which is basically impossible but he did it anyway.

If you want to check in on how he is doing you can look at the BellSouth Classic leaderboard. If he finishes around the top 3 he might get an invite to the Masters, next week. How sweet would that be.