Changes are Coming.

I am considering some new directions for this blog and my website, I am currently investigating several new blogging packages, including Movable Type, WordPress, BlogCFM, and a few others. I think Blogger has worked so far for me, but it lacks several features that I feel a Blog application must have for me.

  • I have to manually insert Keywords into each post.
  • There are no categories.
  • I can’t easily integrate it into my ColdFusion-based website.
  • No calendar option for browsing posts.

I am leaning towards BlogCFM, because it is 1) free, and 2) offers a lot of high-end features that I could really use. It does address most of my concerns (see above), which is nice. I feel comfortable enough working with ColdFusion code to think that I could add some of the additional areas to the code to my blog, should I choose to use the software.

I am also trying out a new stand-alone application for posting to my Blog: w.Bloggar. It’s a freeware app that integrates well with Blogger, Movable Type, and more. I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’m very comfortable drafting up posts solely in code, and this app allows me to do that. I can also access previous posts very easily, upload files via FTP, and more through the app.