Problems with the Iomega 250Gb Network Hard Drive

PowerServe just bought an Iomega 250Gb Network Hard Drive to store our creative projects on. The way this drive is supposed to work is you 1) plug in all the cords; 2) plug the NetHDD into a switch/router; 3) the blue light comes on and the drive is ready for use; and finally 4) run the Iomega Discovery software or find the drive through your Network Places to map a share to the drive.

Here’s the problem though, once i completed Step 4, I couldn’t copy files to the drive. I kept getting Access Denied errors when I tried to move files over to the new drive.

>>> Insert Frustration Here

So, to resolve this problem I start digging around. I check out the Disk Properties via Windows. The drive is a part of WORKGROUP. Hmm… possible problem? (I’m part of a Domain) User permissions… Admin has full access. Everyone has no access. Root has no access. I can’t figure it out. I then run Iomega Discovery to modify the device settings. Can’t change the workgroup. I can change the IP and the device name … but none of that resolves my problem. Still can’t add files to the drive.

I try contacting Iomega live support (which sucks hardcore btw) through their website, and I got no help.

So, I finally just reformatted the drive (via the Device Setting control panel).

Guess what, the drive works now.

I don’t know why. Maybe the drive was just misconfigured out of the box. Who knows. It’s working now, though. Hopefully it will turn out to be a pretty nice storage solution for us. Right now, I’m beyond the point of aggravation and just glad that it’s finally working…