Did Don Imus deserve to get fired? We all stay stupid things from time to time, and Imus has made more than his fair share. I won’t excuse him for the comments he made… but did it really deserve this much attention?  He apologized for his remarks. End of story, right? Would Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton apologize if they made racially charged statements towards someone of another skin color? They haven’t yet.

I never listened to Imus, but I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him. He’s lost everything over this. This feels like a witchhunt to me.

2 replies on “Witchhunt”

  1. I’ve been kinda thinking the same thing… I mean granted a racial slur from his platform wasn’t too smart but… I mean come on, it was nowhere near as big of a deal as they’ve made it.

  2. It is and it isn’t a big deal. Racism still exists… and we need to break down those barriers… but it all has blown out of proportion. They found an opportunity to take someone down in the media, and take them down they did. He made stupid remarks. He apologized… It should have ended with that. The fact that the networks AND sponsors dropped support for him so quickly scares me. Free speech, even UNPOPULAR speech is still protected under the Constitution… Ugh… this kind of stuff just irritates the crap out of me.

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