Nintendo Wii Desktops

I just uploaded some Wiimote inspired desktops I created to my flickr account. They’re all designed for 1600×1024 … but should scale pretty nicely for most resolutions. I used to make a lot of desktop pictures in my free time – many of which can still be found on If you like these, let me know. It might inspire me to continue this little hobby…

wiimote circle wiimote circle - pink
wiimote circle - orange wiimote circle - green
Wiimote Flower - Blue Wiimote Flower - Magenta

4 Replies to “Nintendo Wii Desktops”

  1. nice wallpapers

  2. Thanks, Nathaniel. Hope you enjoy em.

  3. nice wallpapers

  4. Thanks, Nathaniel. Hope you enjoy em.

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