I love technology.

I’ve been a busy little worker bee at home. I setup an 802.11g wireless network at my house. The D-Link router I got is pretty nice. My whole property gets a pretty strong signal. I’m able to use my Dell Axim, desktop PC and Apple PowerBook on the network now… all at the same time.… Continue reading I love technology.

Major Updates Underway

I made some major updates to the stylesheets and templates powering the site. I streamlined the code even further to (hopefully) speed up the site even more than before. I’ve got some pretty ambitious ideas for the site that I hope to implement over the next couple of weeks. One of the main ideas I’d… Continue reading Major Updates Underway

I’m back!

I have finally returned from vacation. It’s nice to be back at work again. I love being on vacation, but if I’m not working, I feel like I am wasting time. I have posted most of the photos I took on my vacation to the site. I tried uploading them while on my cruise –… Continue reading I’m back!

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Gone Cruisin’

Today, I make my way south – towards warm waters, beautiful tropical islands, margaritas aplenty. Ahhhh…. Check back for a special Vacation section (to be updated periodically while I am on the cruise ship. I’ll be setting sail tomorrow am on the Carnival Miracle – Carnival’s newest cruise ship.