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Pokemon Go Gear Essentials

(Disclaimer: Product links do have an Amazon affiliate tag. This is not an advertisement paid for by Anker. I love their stuff and want to see it more people’s hands.)

You’ve no doubt noticed by now that playing games like Pokemon Go that rely on active GPS use do a number on phone battery life. This is an issue Ingress agents have been dealing with for quite some time. While there are countless numbers of external battery manufacturers, one in particular was recommended to me when I first started playing Ingress: Anker. Their 18-month warranty on all products, lower prices, and quality builds make buying their stuff a no-brainer for me.

anker-powercore-20100Anker PowerCore 20100

My everyday carry battery pack is the Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 20100. It’s powerful enough to charge my iPad air, and I’ll easily get several full charges of my iPhone 6s from it. ($39.99, Amazon.com)

PROS: Charge two devices at once. Automatically senses type of device and delivers appropriate charge.
CONS: It’s a little heavy to carry in a pocket or in your hand.

anker-powercore-10000Anker PowerCore 10000

I don’t own one, but I’d have no reservations recommending the Anker PowerCore 10000 as a suitable replacement for those wanting something a bit smaller, and easier to carry. ($19.99, Amazon.com)

PROS: It’s half the size of the PowerCore 20100. Automatically senses type of device and delivers appropriate charge.
CONS: Only has one USB port. Only has enough juice to re-power an iPhone 6s 3.5x or a Samsung Galaxy S6 3x.

anker-powercore-slim-5000Anker PowerCore Slim 5000

The Anker PowerCore Slim 5000 is one of Anker’s newest releases. Designed to fit snugly behind an iPhone 6/6s and match it’s contours, this capable battery pack is thin enough to carry in your hand. It’s nice alternative to having. ($17.99, Amazon.com)

PROS: It’s slim design will easily fit in your hand or pocket with a phone.
CONS: You’ll get maybe ~2 full iPhone charges out of it.

A good battery pack is only half the battle. Bad cables suck the joy out of mobile gaming. Check out Anker’s Micro USB and Lightning cables. The PowerLine+ lines for both are super-durable.


This item was posted by Chris Harrison.


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