Dear PoGo fans: Chill.

Niantic knows tracking’s important in PokemonGo otherwise they wouldn’t have launched with it. What they launched with wasn’t scaleable. Period.
“I can’t catch them all. Niantic sucks.”
Because apparently managing an international game leveraging real-world locations, active gym battles, hundreds of thousands of concurrent Pokémon capture attempts, and hundreds of thousands of concurrent Pokéstop visits is supposed to be easy.
Which is exactly why no one’s done it before.
People up in arms over PoGo being broken need to take a chill pill. It’ll get fixed. And no amount of complaining will make the issues the game has experienced to magically disappear. If you want the issues fixed and fixed correctly, it’ll take time. And I’m sure fixing it involves a lot more than simply spinning up more servers.
And for those complaining about third-party tracking apps no longer working: there is no public Niantic API, and using those apps are TOS violations. Period. And if third-party abuse was causing the in-game tracking to fail in the first place, players have no one to blame but themselves.