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The Code of Conduct Conundrum

“When we see a Code of Conduct the understanding is that those rules will be enforced. In our minds, saying “Code of Conduct” is the same as saying “Enforced Code of Conduct.” If you have that policy in place, and you do not enforce it, then you put your entire organization at risk.“

The Code of Conduct Conundrum

This is a great read. All events should have a Code of Conduct. Period. Conference Organizers have a responsibility to protect their attendees, speakers, volunteers, and staff. A Code of Conduct can’t/won’t stop bad people from doing bad things, but it sets a baseline for acceptable behavior. (Just because people should act appropriately in a professional setting, doesn’t mean they will.) Organizers need to take enforcement seriously as well. Bad behavior shouldn’t be encouraged or tolerated.

This item was posted by Chris Harrison.


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