Day: June 8, 2010

  • Support

    The 5by5 network has created the premiere network of podcasts for geeks, designers and developers. Their broadcasts are free, but now you can support the shows by becoming a supporter. If you’re not familiar with 5by5, my personal favorite is The Big Web Show hosted by Dan Benjamin & Jeffrey Zeldman. But, to be honest,…

  • Enabling Extensions for Safari 5

    Safari 5 was released yesterday, and it finally allows third-party extensions. The inability to extend the browser was one of the things that kept me going back to Firefox, and forced others to switch to Chrome. So about those Extensions… They ability to add them isn’t turned on by default. (Probably because your average user…

  • Stormtrooper Effect

    The Stormtrooper Effect attempts to explain why Stormtroopers are such lousy shots. tl;dr: They aren’t lousy shots. It’d be stupid to allow a minor character to kill a major character before the story moves along.