Month: November 2009


28 Nov 2009 was featured in this post – Weekly Web Design and Development Inspiration – on SpeckyBoy Design Magazine.

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Fixed Elements in Web Design with Examples

28 Nov 2009

Fixed Elements in Web Design with Examples. My site is featured as an example because of how I’ve incorporated Anton‘s awesome illustration of my ugly mug into this site. Lots of eye candy to check out in the examples.

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27 Nov 2009

My new design was recently featured on UnmatchedStyle and Drawar.

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22 Nov 2009

My son and I are huge fans of the show Yo Gabba Gabba. I made these for him, but I thought others might like them as well Download Gabbafied Wallpapers (Contains files for iPhone [320×480] and Desktop [2560×1600] use.)  

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Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs

16 Nov 2009

Designed for the Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs. View some additional variations after the jump.

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Featured on

10 Nov 2009

My 404 page was featured on’s 60 Unique 404 Pages.

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Wordcamp Atlanta

09 Nov 2009

Details: Site design and logo for Wordcamp Atlanta. Design implemented by Brandon Sheats. My apologies if the link isn’t active just yet. I was a little quick on the trigger to post this as the site is not live yet, but should be very soon. Since the cat’s already out of the bag, I’ll leave…

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Downtown Augusta Alliance

06 Nov 2009

Client: Downtown Augusta Alliance · Project: Custom WordPress Design

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Why I got an iPhone.

05 Nov 2009

Two years ago, I wrote a post detailing many of the reasons why I wasn’t going to buy an iPhone. Needless to say, things have changed since then. First, a little backstory: I had planned to keep my old phone and number with Alltel/Verizon. I had made arrangements with my previous employer to transfer everything…

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Digital Shopping Cards

04 Nov 2009

Problem: Carrying around shopping cards is a pain in the ass. They take up room either in your wallet, purse or keychain. They’re easy to lose. Solution: Digital Shopping Cards. As long as you have a mobile device with you, you have the card(s) with you. These could be stored in a dedicated application, or…

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