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Happy Holidays

It feels weird to be unplugged for extended amounts of time. I’ve only checked my email a handful of times since I took time off from work on December 21st. I don’t go back until January 2nd, but the time off has definitely been good for me. Sleeping in, hanging out with friends and playing video games are things I’ve done without this past year as work demands have made it near impossible to have any semblance of a “real life”.

Since I didn’t get around to doing it earlier this week… Merry Belated Christmas… hope you were able to spend time with friends and family. Both my family and Kim’s live here locally, so we’re able to spend it with them. It was Tyler’s second Christmas, but the first where he was fully aware of what was going on around him. Next year will be much more interesting with him, I’d imagine.

I had a good Christmas. I was fortunate enough to receive a Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote, tons of giftcards, Heroes Season 1 DVD set, Lost Season 3 DVD Set, Brain Age 1 & 2 for the Nintendo DS, several Star Wars Clonetrooper figures (including a hard to find Clone Commander #33 figure). All in all, I had a great Christmas.

I hope you and yours have a safe and memorable New Years. I’m sure by this weekend I’ll be raring to get back to being productive at work.

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